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Risk assessment plays a pivotal role in ensuring the health and safety of your employees and contractors, the public, and external stakeholders. Risk assessment is a legal requirement with 4 or more employees and is a vital tool for ensuring anyone affected by your undertaking know that you are a responsible employer who values health and safety and will minimise risks. This can be done by attending on site, highlight the hazards and identify risks and produce a report of significant findings with practical advice on how to make your business a safer working environment. We help make your risk assessment simple and stress free.

Hazard Awareness

It’s often difficult to spot hazards in your own business when you are so familiar with your workplace and your people day to day.  The wellbeing of your people will depend on the awareness of both existing hazards and future hazards. Hazard awareness should be ongoing and a proactive state of mind for all your employees. We provide a hazard awareness assessment & report and can train your team to improve awareness, control, and elimination of hazards. Maintaining great hazard awareness will help to reduce the risk of accidents in your business.

Work Place Wellbeing

Workplaces have a significant impact on people’s health and well-being. Poor management of workplace wellbeing may lead to high levels of sickness absence or unhappy employees who don’t perform at their best. This can cost your business money but also affect performance and service delivery. We use the Health & Safety Index and were an early UK adopter of this leading online assessment tool to help you to constantly monitor workplace wellbeing and be able to make changes to ensure the wellbeing of all your employees.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is about ensuring that employees are fulfilled in their role and feel valued. Research shows that engaged employees put more energy into their work and are happier and more fulfilled. The benefits to your business of an engaged workforce are better productivity, reduced absence, and improved innovation. Changes in engagement are often dynamic, meaning you should be tracking engagement in real time. Using the Health & Safety Index, we’ll help you understand the relationship between health, safety and employee engagement and help you to measure, focus and act on improvements fast!

SSIP Accreditation Support

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) reduces duplication and the need for suppliers to have multiple certifications to different schemes.  SSiP saves time, effort, and cost of multiple certifications. We support businesses like yours to gain recognised accreditations, but without the need to duplicate information and paperwork. We’ll support you with the online application and be your advisor and go to person throughout the whole process. Reducing your time, paperwork and stress in achieving the certifications you need.


Ensuring you have a ‘safety culture’ in your business can be critical to avoid accidents, minimise risks and maximise productivity. But a safety culture needs to be embedded in the minds and behaviours of your workforce. This isn’t easy to do as people involved in the day to day of the business can often become complacent or blind to risks. We can support you in recommending and implementing safety culture improvements. We take a holistic approach to creating and improving a safety culture in businesses by looking at communication, training, reporting, leadership, and action planning. 

Health and Safety Policies

Every business is required by law to have a policy for managing health & safety. If you have five or more employees, the policy must be in writing, and you should regularly share the policy and any changes with employees. Writing a comprehensive, compliant health & safety policy with all the relevant sections can be time consuming and tough to do. We provide all the documentation you need to ensure that your business is compliant with Health and Safety Legislation. We can write or update your health and safety policy as well as advising on how to utilise it. It’ll not only meet HSE standards but also put your mind and your employees minds at rest.

Health and Safety Procedures

Writing a health & safety policy is only the first step in being compliant and ensuring the wellbeing and safety of your employees. What’s even more important is that all employees are aware of how to put the policy into practice day to day and their own responsibilities. This is done by having a comprehensive set of health & safety procedures to ensure your employees have clear guidance and are supported in implementing your health and safety policy. We can write procedures for your company that are not seen as a burden but are seen as a vital and useful tool to ensure your team can do their jobs and are safe and compliant at all times.

Health and Safety Arrangements

The health & safety arrangements section will form part of your health and safety policy. It details what you will do in practice to achieve your health & safety aims. It will include how your will reduce or eliminate risks and hazards. We’ll advise and write your arrangements section to ensure that they not only meet the needs of legislation but your business as well. They’ll be easy to read and understandable by your employees.

What My Clients Say

Luke Simons - Commercial Manager at BIGM

Chris is a true specialist who will go the extra mile to understand your business, and how health and safety law applies to you. He offers robust and actionable advice and recommendation to safeguard your business, whether it's the office based staff or the customer facing operations staff who are out getting the job done. If you are looking for a Risk Management professional, I would highly recommend Chris.

Daniel Garside - Manager at FUEL FIXER LTD

Over the last 5 years, Chris has been instrumental in gaining accreditation to Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSiP) and industry specific recognitions for safety and compliance. He is professional, and diligent with an eye for detail which was invaluable when compiling the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) relevant to our line of work. The documents required needed to be function specific, but also ensure compliance with the various regulatory best practice when working as a mobile mechanic with roadside assistance. These elements combined with the sales team and in particular the commercial contracts' division led to significant revenue streams being opened up and nurtured through a strong safety compliance regimen. I would recommend Chris to any Director looking to improve their safety compliance in order to win key accounts with major external stakeholders.

Teun P Jacobs - Course Consultant at CNM

I have had the pleasure to work with Chris for a few years. Chris is a passionate health and safety professional. When we were getting our accreditation’s in the recovery and rescue industry it is because of Chris we got these accreditation’s. He is extremely knowledgeable in this area. Extremely detailed and will not leave a stone unturned to find the exact solution and the best way to go about it. Further he is easy going and has excellent communication skills.

Mark Wright MD @ Health & Safety InDx | Fefo Products & Services

Chris Wrapson is a unique safety professional with contagious levels of enthusiasm that is truly energising. I’ve found Chris proactive and open to applying innovative solutions to help others succeed.

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